Daaay Twooo. I came short by one serving of fruit today, because it was that last thing I was planning to eat and I wasn’t hungry….which honestly…it’s okay. It’s an experiment.

Down to Business: What I Ate Today

  • oats with a banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds
  • salad greens
  • dark chocolate
  • Half a tofu/avocado hummus sandwich, whole carrot, 1/3 cucumber
  • peanut caramel slice from Rabbit
  • chana masala, steamed broccoli with lemon and rest of tofu from earlier, a spoonful  of peanut butter while I was waiting

The Verdict

  • oats with banana and peanut butter is amazing breakfast comfort food
  • I packed my lunch (which took all of five minutes-tell me again how time-consuming vegetables are?) and ate salad greens while watching Shameless in the hour break between lectures. RIP, the bag is gone. Then the chocolate was there so I ate a bit.
  • I ate lunch during a screening. I tried to keep crunching to a minimum. It was nice to be able to “mindlessly” eat such a large quantity of food and still have it take half an hour to eat.
  • I have a concert today! So, I adjusted some of my rituals. Before concerts in middle/high school, my best friend and I would go to my house so she wouldn’t have to stay on campus and get ready/eat in the dining hall. We would make grilled cheese and bake blondies or brownies. So, obviously a grilled cheese isn’t going to cut it, but the tofu/hummus sandwich hit the savory spot. I was thinking about this while walking back to my dorm, then I thought about how I still haven’t been to Rabbit, the all-vegan café nearby. So I swung up to Wells St. and had their chocolate peanut caramel slice, because I’ll be damned if I don’t honor the whole “sugar-fueled concert” tradition that I’ve maintained for a decade.
  • This thing was insanely rich. I love rich desserts, but I almost couldn’t finish it. The chocolate top was very dark, just the way I like it, there was a nut crust and then the middle was a solid inch-and-a-half of dense, sweet peanut butter filling. It was the consistency of cheesecake. I enjoyed every second of it. So glad I saved practically my entire eating out in Exeter budget for the last few days of this month. But aside from that, this proves that veganism can be as “healthy” or “unhealthy” as you make it. I’m personally aiming for middle-of-the-road, leaning more towards healthy. All-or-nothing is not a good way to live. Partially Related piece is below.
  • I ate dinner suuuper late after the concert. Broccoli with lemon is good, but combining it with tofu is far superior. I was too full for my orange.
  • I ate a lot today…

Partially Related:

I was reading something on a website where the author made a really good point about moderation, and how people misunderstand it. Link

Basically, if you eat too many things in “moderation,” then you’re not really practicing moderation in the whole-day sense. For example, a serving of chocolate after lunch, a serving of chips, a serving of peanut butter, vegan ice cream after dinner…it’ll add up and crowd out less calorie-dense, more vitamin-rich options. I’m very guilty of this, and like the author, I don’t eat dark chocolate in moderation. I’ll generally kill 300 calories’ worth per day, at the least, if it’s in my room. So I only get it once a week. (Although yesterday and today I actually did moderate it well, probably because I had to record it!)

To be clear, I think it’s okay that I had a cookie yesterday and a slice today-in conjunction with seven servings of fruits and vegetables, still staying under my calorie limit, but I still wouldn’t call it the exact type of moderation I want to achieve. As someone who has struggled with fairly severe binging tendencies for a decade, I know that having a single-serve sweet per day, eaten slowly and preferably with others around or in public, stops me from going off the rails. I will never be able to buy a sleeve of golden Oreos* and save some for the next day…or even the next hour. That isn’t how my impulses work. My eventual goal is to make sweets maybe a once or twice per week occurrence.

* Yeah, they’re vegan. But my recent motivation for resisting them is that they’re owned by the type of “Big Food” company I’d rather not support.